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Looking for Lowest Cost

$ 1599*
  • 30 Days Free Storage Available
  • Full-Service Move
  • Disassemble at Pick-Up
  • Reassemble at Delivery
  • Loading/Unloading All Items
  • Customer Service Responds to Inquiry Within 24 Hours
  • Time from Pick-Up To Delivery Determined by Distance and Size of Move

Straight Shot

Quck and Affordabe

$ 2495*
  • Discounts Available for Customers for Limited Time
  • All Features in Budget-Friendly
  • 30 Days Free Storage Available
  • Typical Delivery within 7 Days
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance Agent
  • Customer Service Department Responds to Inquiry Within 24 Hours

Platinum Package

Don't Lift a Finger

$ 4385*
  • Discounts Available for Limited Time
  • All Features Straight Shot
  • 30 Days Free Storage Available
  • Movers will Pack Everything
  • Movers will Unpack Everything
  • Direct Line to Moving Coordinator
  • Full-Value Insurance Available

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Common Questions

Choosing the correct plan is based on the level of service you require.  The majority of customers will chose the “straight shot” package.  While delivery spreads can vary, this package will get your household goods delivered quickly.  For an exact delivery spread, an agent will need to determine the size of your move and the distance of your move.

Carriers own trucks and are the companies that actually perform the move.  Brokers act as an advocate for the customer so there is an extra layer of protection for the consumer.  Brokers have a 409 agreement with the carrier moving your goods.  This agreement allows gives the broker a number of ways to make the moving experience better for the customer.

We collect information from shippers and pair you with the best broker or carrier based on the level of service you are requesting, the pick-up location, drop-off location, and date of move.  We will only allow one company to reach out to you per form fill.  We do this to limit the number of calls you receive and maximize your experience using our service.  Our service is completely free to the consumer.

The packages shown above are the most typical.  However, you will be able to ask your agent for exactly what you want and a tailored quote will be created for you.

Absolutely!  We require all companies we connect with customers to have a customer service department.

The cancellation policy for any interstate move is within 72 hours of the Bill of Lading being signed.

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* The cost of your move will be based on the items you ship.  To get an exact cost, please fill out a fill out the form and give additional details. prices shown are based on typical cost of households with one bedroom.

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